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A Guide to the Sky, Telescopes, and Telescope Programs

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Urban Targets

Observing Basics

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Four Types of Observing

  Deep Sky/Dark Sky From a dark site, the whole universe is yours.
  Urban - "Backyard Observing" The Bright Lights of urban and suburban areas limit what you can see.  Some targets are unaffected.  Learning some tricks can help you see more.
  Solar With the proper equipment, the easiest astronomy there is.  Changes daily!
  AstroPhotography A labor of love: emphasis on labor.  It takes a broad skill set, time and equipment that tends to be expensive.  But amateur photos can rival those of the multi-million dollar facilities.

Biggest Difference in what you can see: the brightness of the sky (location)   

What Equipment do you need?

    Naked Eye, Binoculars, Telescope

Hubble vs. What YOU can see

Hubble's iconic image of the Eagle Nebula's "Pillars of Creation"
Click on the photo for how it looks through a "backyard" telescope.

    Targets with Great Visual Detail

        Sun (with appropriate filters!), Moon, Jupiter, Saturn

        Star Clusters, Open and Globular

        Orion Nebula

Getting Started

This site: GoOutLookUp.netLinks.

San Diego Astronomy Association:  SDAA.org

Star Parties (many scopes) monthly at Balboa Park, Mission Trails, Sycamore Canyon, etc.

Go Outside. Look Up.  Learn some constellations.

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