Go Out:  Look Up!

A Guide to the Sky, Telescopes, and Telescope Programs

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What Up?

What does the universe hold?

What can you see tonight?

    Jan 30:  Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, Clusters (Pleiades, Double).

    Cool events upcoming:  Annular Solar Eclipse: May 20.    June 5: Transit of Venus

Four Types of Observing




    Deep Sky/Dark Sky

Biggest Difference in what you can see: the brightness of the sky (location)   

What Equipment do you need?

    Naked Eye, Binoculars, Telescope


Hubble vs. What YOU can see

    Targets with Great Visual Detail

        Sun (with appropriate filters!), Moon, Jupiter, Saturn

        Star Clusters, Open and Globular

        Orion Nebula

The Messier List (Bring the Poster)

Free Resources Available to You Right Now

  • Phone Apps
  • Stellarium

Camera vs. Eyeball

Creation vs. Connection

Getting Started

This site: GoOutLookUp.netLinks.

San Diego Astronomy Association:  SDAA.org

Star Parties (many scopes) monthly at Balboa Park, Mission Trails, Sycamore Canyon, etc.

Go Outside. Look Up.  Learn some constellations.

Personal Equipment-buying Guide (reference Orion's, add used)

Questions or comments? Email:Jeff Martin