Go Out:  Look Up!

A Guide to the Sky, Telescopes, and Telescope Programs



How to Observe with a Starblast 6i

  • For our Custom Word document for the booklet that we include with the scope, click here.
    • Want more?  The full Manufacturer's Instruction manual is here
    • General On-line Telescope Instructions are here.

What follows is cheat sheet for using a Starblast 6i as equipped for Curie Elementary.


Before you head outside, it helps to know what your targets are going to be.

Hint: it's a good idea to do this for the first time in the daylight.  It's definitely easier than in the dark.

Setting Up

Find a safe, stable place to set up the scope (tips).

Install the Finder

Install the Eyepiece

Remove the End Cap (place in case)

Check the Finder - Align if necessary.  Check the battery, if it's a red-dot finder.


Aiming the Scope

Have a plan:  What's up tonight?

Finding the Target

click on the image above for a larger picture

A video of the above process is on Youtube

Moon Filter

The moon can be very bright.  We have a moon filter which screws into the bottom of an eyepiece.  Use it when observing anything other than a crescent moon (instructions).

Packing Up

Take the End Cap out of the case, put it back on the scope.

Put the Eyepiece in its case.  Put the eyepiece cap back on the focuser.

Put the Finder in the bag.  If it came with caps, put the finder caps back on.

Turn off anything that was powered on.

Point the scope straight up.  Put back in carry case.

Look around with a flashlight for any dropped items (like caps and cases).

Video Instructions

A video of the setup process is available on Youtube here

Clicking the image to the right also works.

Using the Computer Object Locator

Orion's Computer Object Locator is one of the easiest computerized systems available.  After aligning on two bright stars (you have to know their names), the computer tells you where to push the scope.  This is known as a Push-To system.

Video instructions are available at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmHogk9pwlw


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