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Checkout Procedures (for Parents)

Parents are eligible to reserve the scope after attending a training session.  If you have questions about reserving a scope at Curie, please email curie@gooutlookup.net

Check-in and checkout will take place at the Curie Library during normal library hours (8:00am to 1:00pm).

Marie is available in 5-day periods (includes a weekend).  Einstein, because it is more complex, is available for 12-day periods (two weekends).

Please return the scope on time so that the next family can use it.  There is usually only a little slack-time in the schedule.

Once I know the scope is ready, I will email you.  If you go to pick up the scope prior to me notifying you, the scope may not be ready.

Click here for an online calendar to show used/free dates.

Questions or comments? Email:Jeff Martin