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Checkout Process

These are suggestions offered as a starting point for conversation.  The overlying theme is to minimize the effort of the librarian or other check-out staff. 

The checkout packet must be properly-encapsulated (one or two discrete, easily verifiable packages).  The supporting material should be self-contained in a fanny pack on the scope (or equivalent).  A check list provided for verification.

Have contact information for the Scope Foster Parent (for collimating, cleanup, etc.).

Curie's Librarian, Jasmine, and the Starblast. 

Note: it tends to draw a lot of attention when it's out on display.  We typically just leave the brochures within reach of the students.

Curie's process was for Jeff to manage the reservations and post the calendar on the web.  Jasmine would verify the rentee and email Jeff when scopes left or arrived at the library.  Jeff would coordinate with the parents.


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